Worry about crime in Europe. A model-based small area estimation from the European Social Survey


Worry about crime is known to be higher in some European regions than others. However, cross-national surveys, which are the main source of information to map worry about crime across Europe, are designed to be representative of large areas (countries), and regions often suffer from small and unrepresentative sample sizes. This research produces reliable model-based small area estimates of worry about crime at regional level from European Social Survey data, in order to map the phenomenon and examine its macro-level predictors. Model-based small area estimation techniques borrow strength across areas to produce reliable estimates of parameters of interest. Estimates of worry about crime are higher in most South and East European regions, in contrast to Northern and Central Europe.

European Journal of Criminology
Juanjo Medina Ariza
Juanjo Medina Ariza
Talentia Senior Distinguished Researcher

My research interests include gender violence, crime prevention and policing, urban crime and geography, quantitative methods, and environmental crime.